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We work behind the scenes with events planners and designers to make sure your exclusive event is conveyed beautifully and accurately prior to launch. After winning a pitch our visuals subsequently act as a blueprint to guide set builders on location. With A-list mega-stars and royalty for clients no detail is left to chance. Our client reach is international and spans celebrity, royalty, luxury brands and tech giants. Including David Beckham, Unicef, 007 SPECTRE/Omega, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Armani, Blur, Ellie Goulding, HTC, BFI, Frieze, Graff, David Morris, Giberg, Samsung, Porsche, Mazda.

How we work /Events

Below is a standard timeline outlining how a set of visuals is produced

1. Briefing & Planning

The design concept is briefed and we begin work by either sketching out a 3D planomatic. 3D scanning an environment or using supplied CAD data.

2. Design ideas interpreted.

Your design is then incorporated into the planomatic space model and composition previews made.

3. Detail and lighting added for render previews.

Client reviews previews with feedback for amends and refinement.
Repeat steps 2/3 until happy.

4. Top and Tail, Delivery

A presentation ready set of stills or an edited animation is delivered.