Aircraft interior animations

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STUDIO DB3D Aircraft Interiors

Our years of experience in aircraft interior visualisation means we are well equipped to hit the ground running with any new cabin brief.
Our keen eye for detail will bring to life your engineering data sets and transform them into stunning megapixel renders. Our client list includes... Airbus, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Etihad Airways, North West Ailines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Singapore Airlines....

How we work on aircraft interiors

Below is a standard timeline outlining how a set of visuals is produced

1. Briefing & Planning

The design concept is briefed and we begin work by sourcing or building the aircraft cabin spaces based on a supplied LOPA.

2. Application of Finshes and Trim.

Colour and trim previews sent back to client for approval whilst seat data is then proxied into the cabin model. Cabin compositions are decided on or animatic preview is created.

3. Prop dressing and lighting added for render previews.

Client reviews previews with feedback for amends and refinement.
Repeat steps 2/3 until happy.

4. Top and Tail, Delivery

A presentation ready set of stills or an edited animation is delivered.